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LiJOT − the biggest non-governmental, non-profit umbrella structure for Lithuanian national youth organizations and regional unions of youth organizations.




LiJOT runs various international and national projects and already for more than 20 years LiJOT is a valuable partner for governmental institutions regarding formation and implementation of youth policy in Lithuania. 



LiJOT − thousands young people under one umbrella. Currently LiJOT has 70 members (non-governmental youth organizations), and represents more than 200 000 young people in Lithuania.

Universal Periodic Review
Category: News Published on 2016-11-23

How far decisions from LiJOT General Assembly can actually go? Today we already know that even to UN OHCHR Universal Periodic Review.

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a unique process which involves a review of the human rights records of all UN Member States. The UPR is a State-driven process, under the auspices of the Human Rights Council, which provides the opportunity for each State to declare what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situations in their countries and to fulfil their human rights obligations.

Review mechanism is based on interactive dialogue which allows member states submit questions and recommendation to the country under review. This is already the second cycle for Lithuania (the first one was happening in 2011) but it is the first time when LiJOT was participating in it by submitting a shadow report on youth rights in Lithuania. The report itself was focused on age based discrimination of young people in labor market and youth mental health issues in Lithuania.

During a bit more than a half a year since submitting a shadow report with the support from the European Youth Forum it was achieved that the position adopted during 39th LiJOT General Assembly on youth mental health grew out  into recommendations for the whole country. Costa Rica and Portugal brought the question of non-existence of coherent mechanisms to tackle youth mental health issues. Romania expressed its concern over lack of involvement of young people into public decision making processes.

As for now what is left for Lithuania is either accept or note recommendations submitted and this is where civil society still can do some work.

Here you can find stakeholders report where LiJOT is referred as JS2 and JS3:

Submitted recommendations can be found here:

European Youth Forum‘s General Assembly in Varna, Bulgaria
Category: News Published on 2016-11-23

November 16-19 LiJOT Vice-president Elena Sinkevičiūtė and LiJOT Coordinator of International Affairs Rita Jonušaitė were participating in European Youth Forum’s General Assembly (GA) in which members to the board were elected as well as members of other governing bodies, European Youth Forum work plan and other important documents were adopted. 

GA took place in Varna, Bulgaria as this city will overtake the title of the European Youth Capital 2017 in the upcoming months. On the eve of the GA the new European Youth Capital for 2019 was announced - Novi Sad in Serbia will hold this title. 

The Youth Forum’s members elected its new Board (2017-2018), which will be composed of Luis Alvarado Martinez (President), Dejan Bojanic and Carina Autengruber (Vice-Presidents), Kristen Aigro, Tina Hocevar, Zuzana Vaneckova, Mari Stromsvag, Andrea Casamenti, Sebastian Rood, Nafsika Vrettaki and Ville Majamaa (Board members).

The members also adopted a work plan which lays out the work of the Youth Forum for 2017-2019. The Youth Forum will focus on greater youth participation; stronger youth organisations; youth autonomy and inclusion, under the framework of youth rights; on sustainable development and young people’s and youth organisations’ role in creating environmental, economic and social sustainability. Two policy documents were also adopted: a motion for recognition on the Declarations of the University of Youth and Development and a Resolution on the EU Youth Strategy.

During the meeting the National Youth Council of Ukraine and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award became observer members of the European Youth Forum and National Youth Council of Serbia as well as the European Union of Deaf Youth upgraded their memberships status to respectively full member and candidate member.

Youth organisations for the first time at the EU Strategy Forum on the Baltic Sea Region
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-11-15

Representatives from nine National Youth Councils, LiJOT was represented by Rita Jonušaitė, LiJOT coordinator of international affairs, from the nine Baltic Sea countries gathered together between 07th and 09th of November in Stockholm to represent a youth perspective at the 07th Strategy Forum on the EUSBSR.

An EU budget in support of efficient youth policies
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-09-21

In his speech on the state of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker expressed the European Commission’s commitment to a continued fight against youth unemployment. A key means of achieving this is by implementing the Youth Employment Initiative, which will be boosted with an additional € 1 Billion, as foreseen by the mid-term review of the EU budget. The Youth Intergroup…

European Youth Forum face to face consultation in Brussels
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-09-21

September 3rd European Youth Forum organized a face to face consultation to discuss the work plan that is currently in a process of preparation and will define priority areas for the upcoming few years of the YFJ work. LiJOT participated in a meeting where representatives of the organizations analysed, discussed and suggested amendments for the work plan that will be adopted in Nove…

European Youth Forum academy in Paris
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-07-13

June 28th- July 1st in Paris was happening European Youth Forum academy. The academy had the theme “empowering, mobilizing and connecting young people” and brought together more than 50 young people from across the whole Europe. LiJOT coordinator of international affairs Rita also participated in the event.

LiJOT submitted shadow report for UN
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-05-10

April 30th LiJOT Coordinator of international affairs Rita Jonušaitė was in Brussels were participated in the meeting of the European Youth Forum Expert Group on Youth Rights. The focus of the meeting was shadow reports submitted by LiJOT and Moldovan Youth Council together with European Youth Forum on the state of youth rights in respective countries. Both reports were pres…