About us
About us
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Lithuanian Youth Council (LiJOT) – the biggest non-governmental, non-profit umbrella structure for Lithuanian national youth organizations and regional unions of youth organizations. LiJOT was founded on the 19th of September 1992. Currently LiJOT has 68 members (non-governmental youth organizations), and represents more than 200 000 young people in Lithuania.

LiJOT is a full member of the European Youth Forum, one of the biggest non-governmental organizations in Europe; a full member and founder of the Baltic Youth Forum and National Agency of International Youth Co-operation, which coordinates European Union program “Youth in Action”.

LiJOT is coordinating EURODESK Lithuania – a European information services network, which works in 33 European countries and provides exclusive European information for young people and youth workers.

MISSION of the Lithuanian Youth Council

LiJOT seeks favorable changes for young people by serving as a platform for dialogue, Lithuanian youth organization interests and initiatives.

VISION of the Lithuanian Youth Council

LiJOT as the main partner for society, authorities, business and educational institutions in order to empower young people in creation of their own and state welfare.

VALUES of the Lithuanian Youth Council

The foundation of LiJOT work is the legitimate representation of identified interests based on the principles of mature democracy. Consolidated opinion and member organization interests define the priorities and the work of the organization. While running the organization the President, Board, Bureau, and Control Commission of LiJOT follow the policies agreed within membership.

  •     Seeking meaningful and long-term cooperation LiJOT respects the independence of its own and of its partners.
  •     Believing in creativity and new idea potential we work together and constantly learn from each other.  
  •     Creating the environment for openness and diversity we look for common solutions.
  •     Considering volunteering as a foundation of youth activities LiJOT fosters professional and responsible organization of voluntary activities.
  •     Ensuring transparent functioning of the organization LiJOT commits to giving all relevant information about its strategy, decisions, and procedures in a clear and timely manner.

LiJOT Strategic Policies (2011-2018)

  •     Knowledge-based representation of youth and youth organizations.
  •     Member capacity building and consolidation for the implementation of aims relevant to youth and the state.
  •     Youth work mainstreaming and providing information for youth.
  •     LiJOT development.

Structure: LiJOT Assembly is the supreme governing authority of LiJOT. All organizations interested in LiJOT activities can take part in LiJOT Assembly yet only members of LiJOT have the right to vote. LiJOT President and LiJOT Board are elected during the Assembly and lead the everyday work of organization. The Board under the President’s proposal constructs the executive body – LiJOT Bureau.


  • To mass youth organizations for solving relevant problems.
  • To provide suggestions to governmental institutions which work with problems of youth and youth organizations.
  • To organize, analyze and present information about the work of youth organizations and governmental institutions which satisfy children and youth demands in Lithuania and abroad.
  • To develop international relations and international cooperation between Lithuanian youth organizations and youth organizations from other countries.
  • To organize meetings, discussions, conferences and other events.

Activities of LiJOT

  • Representation of youth interests.
  • Formation and implementation of youth policy.
  • Development of international relations.
  • Fostering of youth leaders.
  • Youth information.

Principles of LiJOT work

  • LiJOT can represent its full members and observers.
  • LiJOT cannot interfere into activities of its full members and observers.

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