The 46th LiJOT Spring Assembly was held in Druskininkai on 27-28th of April
NewsPublished on 2019-05-13

A lot of great stuff happened during our 46th Assembly, some of us might say that this Assembly was the key point for LiJOT reborn and a new start. We have managed to change our identity and logo, a lot of elections were organized and 3 documents were accepted by our member organizations!

First of all, after 10 years we have changed our identity and logo, now you can recognize us from our new colours and communication - check out our social networking accounts - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And check this amazing video that we created!

But that was not enough for us. The visual identity and our new logo are only details, compared with what we accomplished for Lithuanian youth and our member organizations. Thus, we have managed to check and accept our new and fresh Position on renting or purchasing housing for young people in Lithuania. Secondly, we discussed our Lithuanian history and accepted a Resolution on the change of street names ideologized in Soviet times and last but not least we started to change some of our internal documents - Regulations for LiJOT Assembly and Regulations for Election procedure and Accountability mechanisms for Lithuanian Council for Youth Affairs.

Our members also accepted the 2018 LiJOT Activity Report and the 2018 Lithuanian Council for Youth Affairs Activity Report.

The Assembly elected new members of the LiJOT Board, the Control Commission and the Lithuanian Council for Youth Affairs.

Gintarė Vikmonaitė was elected to LiJOT Board for one year term. For two years: Viktorija Gailiūtė, Urtė Petrulytė, Domantas Katelė and Darius Stonys.

During the Assembly, a new LiJOT Control Commission was elected: Head of Control Commission Benas Marcalis, Greta Zaburaitė, Vidmantas Mitkus, Liudvika Streikutė and Teodoras Mindaugas Ramanauskas.

Assembly also elected youth representatives for the Lithuanian Council for Youth Affairs: Raminta Matulytė, Klaudijus Melys, Lukas Stravinskas, Vladas Polevičius and Raimonda Bogužaitė.

Congratulations for newly elected members and representatives! We wish you to have a great time and determination to work for youth and youth rights in Lithuania and beyond! You can always contact them for more information and ask questions about their upcoming work.

Growing a Generation with a Voting Habit
Category: NewsPublished on 2019-05-13

During the first weeks of April Finland had their parliamentary elections. Therefore Nordic Council of Minister's offices in Lithuania and Latvia decided to organise a study-visit for better understanding of how youth gets involved in the pre-election process.

Lowering the Voting Age - A Seminar to Remember
Category: NewsPublished on 2019-05-13

On the 17-18th of April, our board member Teresė Škutaitė participated in the international seminar dedicated to the topic of lowering the voting age in Tallinn, Estonia.

Youth.Info: Future Youth Information Toolbox
Category: NewsPublished on 2019-04-10

Project “Youth.Info: Future Youth Information Toolbox“ was created due to the lack of evidence-based research in the field of youth information, which blocks the development of the sector. 9 partners from 8 different countries worked together to increase the quality and outreach of youth information services.

The most fun YFJ meeting in spring is coming!
Category: NewsPublished on 2019-04-10

This upcoming Saturday (on the 9th of April) LiJOT delegation is coming to the most fun meeting in spring - European Youth Forum (YFJ) COMEM aka Council of members.

Lithuania towards sustainable solutions
Category: NewsPublished on 2019-04-08

In August last year, ReGeneration 2030 organised the first Summit on the Åland Islands. A diverse group of people got together to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations and to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the people attending the Summit was Paulius Serapinas, who is Coordinator of International Affairs at the Lithuanian Youth Council…