Winter Forum’19
NewsPublished on 2019-03-13

Winter Forum is Lithuanian Youth Council’s yearly event for our Member organizations to come together to learn, engage in discussions about relevant youth policy topics and get to know each other ’s work better.

This year on the first day of the forum we had four different workshops: dual citizenship, premises for young families, citizenship education and the change of names of those Lithuanian streets, which have still left with ideologically soviet ones. Also, our Member organizations had an opportunity to participate in our partners fair, with more than 12 various organizations and initiatives! In the evening our guests were mobilization and civic resistance department which provided discussions about the role of youth organizations in the case of a war. To our dinner table, we invited some young Lithuanians whose ideas have spread around the world. Sunday morning was a bit untraditional since we started it with an activity provided by movement and rhythmic laboratory. Later we had various training for strengthening competencies, such as Erasmus+ projects writing, taking care of financial and legislative documents and advocating youth in regions. All in all, our member organizations had an active, purposeful and fun weekend!