I Do Care
NewsPublished on 2019-03-13

“I Do Care” or “Man Ne Dzin” project is focused mainly around informing young people about the importance and opportunities of participation in democratic decision-making process and developing the positive image of young people as active citizens of Lithuania as well as European Union.

It is important that this campaign is apolitical. It was started back in 2004 and has been running every election year since. The aim of these campaigns was to encourage young people to actively participate in democratic decision-making processes, to provide basic information and knowledge about their participation in the political life of the country and European Union and also to create the conditions for young people to personally meet and learn about politicians. Each year, a different approach to fulfilling the campaign is used. Concerts and events attractively presented and easily accessible information for young people have received positive reactions throughout the Lithuanian society. Most important thing is that every election year this kind of campaigns increases the percentage of youth turn out. This year in Lithuania we are having municipal, presidential and European Parliamentary elections. This year's slogan for the “I Do Care” campaign is “Something is missing? Just your vote!” The biggest event planned till now is an open presidential debate in one of the busiest areas in Lithuania - Vilnius Cathedral square. Hopefully, plans turn out well and we will be able to see even bigger growth of youth participation in this year’s elections.