The most fun YFJ meeting in spring is coming!
NewsPublished on 2019-04-10

This upcoming Saturday (on the 9th of April) LiJOT delegation is coming to the most fun meeting in spring - European Youth Forum (YFJ) COMEM aka Council of members.

The best definition of the meeting can be found in the YFJ website: “According to the European Youth Forum Statutes, the Council of Members defines the policies, vision and direction of the platform, based on the guidelines set by the General Assembly. It is a space for exchange, cooperation and network amongst the different members of the Youth Forum. The Council of Members meets twice a year during the years where there is no General Assembly and once a year during the year where there is a General Assembly.”

This year in the Council of Members meeting we will be having elections to The Council of Europe advisory council on youth and also YFJ’s Financial Control Commission. There are also two policy papers on the agenda: draft resolution: Guidelines for being a European youth representative - Proposals for effectively advocating for youth, Draft resolution in support of youth demanding urgent climate action. We are looking forward to the flight to Brussels and hope that this is going to be one more quality weekend while working on youth policy European wise!