Lowering the Voting Age - A Seminar to Remember
NewsPublished on 2019-05-13

On the 17-18th of April, our board member Teresė Škutaitė participated in the international seminar dedicated to the topic of lowering the voting age in Tallinn, Estonia.

Speakers and participants from Estonia, Malta, Austria and other European countries were here to exchange their unique experiences on the #VOTE16 topic and to discuss the inclusion of young people into the decision making processes.

During the presentations and panel discussions, participants all together were looking for answers to such important questions as: how can we empower youth, how can society benefit from #VOTE16, how can we include youth in the decision making and how can we advance youth participation in the society. The event also included fruitful workshops on lobbying for young change makers. The hosts, Estonian Youth Council, emphasized not only the importance of having big ideas but also exercising the tools to transform them into reality.

The seminar was wrapped up with a panel discussion with Estonian members of Parliament from different parties. The politicians expressed their thoughts on vote16 and youth inclusion, had a discussion with the participants on the future of Europe and youth rights.

As more and more European countries are implementing vote16, it is still important to spread the message and to involve as many young people as possible into debates. Overall, the Estonian Youth Council did a splendid job, gathering many professionals on youth politics in Tallinn. The participants were empowered with the knowledge to advocate on vote16 further.