And these are our demands…
NewsPublished on 2019-06-11

On 6th-12th of May Viktorija, LiJOT Board Member and Rokas LiJOT Policy Process Coordinator had a chance to visit “Young Europe is Voting” festival in Denmark!

During this event, more than 200 participants from 22 different countries were included in a full pallet of topics and themes, such as Youth under pressure, Culture & Identity, Climate, Refugees & Migration and EU in the World. The main idea of this event was to draw policy-makers attention and raise more questions about relevant topics. The purpose was an intensive communication strategy that could ensure that the politicians listen. Participants were also invited to discuss how to strengthen the voice of the youth in the public debate in connection with the EP-election 2019 how to generate concrete messages and inputs for the political debates, transnationally connect young Europeans, which enables the participants to address different problems and solutions that cross borders, engage and motivate young people and first-time-voters to vote in the election.

“Young Europe is Voting” event charmed everyone with its venues. All the discussions took place in different venues. The first part of the week took place at the 10 folk high schools that were taking part in “Young Europe is Voting”. The last part of the week took place on the "Youth Island" in Copenhagen Harbor. So, the whole idea of this event had a holistic approach for the participants, because they had a chance to be in various places all across Denmark and after that they met where they had an opportunity to bring their ideas in one place.

Rokas, our Policy Process Coordinator said: “An opportunity to live in an amazing Egmont Højskolen and work together with young people from different countries, backgrounds and communities was live changing. This school honestly let everyone feel part of one big family and that helped a lot, especially when the topics we worked on were quite difficult and challenging."

The main product that was delivered after this festival was “Ungdomsøen Manifesto”, which demands to bring changes in different European policy dimensions (Youth under pressure, Culture & Identity, Climate, Refugees & Migration and EU in the World). We encourage you to read the Manifesto: