Discussion about "Double Democracy" in Copenhagen
NewsPublished on 2016-01-05

LiJOT coordinator of international affairs Rita Jonušaitė October 21st-22nd was in Copenhagen participating in the conference about the challenges of the “Double Democracy” in the Nordic countries organzied by the Danish Youth Council. Challenges of the so called “Double Democracy“ can be grouped as the ones related to formal democracy (“Big Democracy”) which is under pressure from a general tendency towards a declining electoral turnout combined with fewer party members and a growing feeling of political alienation and “Small Democracy“ regarding civil society organizations both locally and nation-wide.

Even though, traditional associations and civil society organizations locally still attract many members and consist of much commitment, there is a growing tendency to articulate a story about associations and civil society organizations as being old-school and out of touch with the development in the rest of the World. The competition from the temporary case-based commitment, also known as activism, is fierce.

Therefore, during the conference while at the time of workshops participants were trying to find ways how to strengthen both “Small Democracy” and “”Big Democracy”.