LiJOT participated in YFJ‘s COMEM in Madrid
NewsPublished on 2016-01-05

November 27th -28th LiJOT representatives together with other delegates of youth organization s from all across the Europe were participating in European Youth Forum‘s (YFJ) Council of Member/Extraordinary General Assembly. There member organizations had a chance to have a discussion on the most relevant issues, express their opinion on organizational issues etc. Together with representatives of other organizations LiJOT vice-president Elena Sinkevičiūtė and LiJOT coordinator Rita Jonušaitė participated in discussions, interest groups, workshops and adoption of resolutions.

LiJOT together with the League of young voters, Estonian National Youth Council, Dutch National Youth Council, Young European Federalists, European Student‘s Forum and European Youth Forum organized a workshop on youth involvement in democratic life and civic education. Participants were trying to find answers why young people are not eager to participate in their country‘s democratic life and how to encourage them to be more active. Moreover, practices of civic education were analysed seeking to come up with the ways in which cooperation for better results could be organized.

One of the results of the event is that European Youth Forum now has two more member organizations- IDEA NL and Macedonian Youth Council/FYROM. Besides, Bulgarian National Youth Council and Y-E-N became true members of the Forum. Ukrainian youth forum was expelled from YFJ as the organization no longer complied with the requirements. Currently European Youth Forum has 100 member organizations.
Delegates also discussed and analysed European Youth Forum resolutions: climate matters, regarding next cycle of structural dialogue, EU funding for youth organizations, students at risk, transatlantic trade and Investment partnership, protection and integration of minor refugees and answer to recent terrorist attacks. All resolutions with certain amendments except the one on TTIP were adopted.

Finally, during the time of the COMEM delegates had a chance to get themselves familiar with YFJ‘s progress and financial reports. Also, annual report on Advisory Council of Youth was presented prior giving a mandate to newly elected representatives of international and national youth organizations.