European Youth Forum Comem 2016 Spring
NewsPublished on 2016-04-26

April 14th-17th in Brussels was happening European Youth Forum (YFJ) COMEM. During the time of the COMEM annual report of YFJ was presented by the president Johanna Nyman that was followed by the report of the chair of the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth and financial results and accounts presentation by board and secretariat.

After that the report from the Consultative Body on Membership Applications followed and as a result two new member organizations became a part of the European Youth Forum – Young Democrats for Europe and Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union.

Representatives of member organizations had a chance to participate in various thematic squares dedicated to recommendations on validation of Non Formal Learning and Informal Learning on European and National Level, Young refugees topic in the upcoming YFJ’s work plan, European Union and Eastern Partnership, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security, 5th cycle of the Structured Dialogue and best practices in youth entrepreneurship.

Finally four resolutions were adopted: policy paper on Equality and Non-discrimination, resolution on Youth Autonomy and Inclusion, resolution on Quality Standards on Youth Policy and resolution on the EU Foreign Affairs Council conclusions of 15 February 2016 on non-extending restrictive measures for the Republic of Belarus.

All relevant documents are accessible here:

Resolution on youth autonomy and inclusion

Policy paper on equality and non-discrimination

Resolution on quality standards on youth policy

Resolution on the EU Foreign Affairs Council conclusions of 15 February 2016 on non-extending restrictive measures for the Republic of Belarus