European Youth Forum face to face consultation in Brussels
NewsPublished on 2016-09-21

September 3rd European Youth Forum organized a face to face consultation to discuss the work plan that is currently in a process of preparation and will define priority areas for the upcoming few years of the YFJ work. LiJOT participated in a meeting where representatives of the organizations analysed, discussed and suggested amendments for the work plan that will be adopted in November in General Assembly in Varna. LiJOT was represented by LiJOT coordinator of international affairs Rita Jonušaitė.

The meeting started by general overview of the process that was followed by working groups discussing different clusters in depth: youth rights, strong youth organizations, sustainable development, social and economic inclusion, participation.

LIJOT advocates for more attention given to strengthening youth organizations and ensuring not only political but also financial support for them. Moreover, the need to look for new youth friendly ways to increase youth participation in decision making processes.

Suggestions presented during this face to face consultation together with the ones received through online consultation will be included in the work plan if member organizations agree on that.

Face to face consultation in Brussels is a way to ensure transparency of the process and ownership of member organizations for the work plan.