In 2021 choose Klaipėda!
NewsPublished on 2019-01-29

On the 22nd of November (2018) in the European Youth Capital of a year 2019 – Novi Sad, third largest city in Lithuania – Klaipėda was announced as the European Youth Capital of 2021!

Klaipėda is the Northernmost ice-free port in the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, it is the only port in Lithuania. The city was founded in 1252 by the Livonian Order. It is the oldest city in Lithuania and one of the oldest in the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Klaipėda has excellent road, rail and sea links to Latvia, Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation), Scandinavia and Central Europe.

The official language is Lithuanian, but many citizens speak foreign languages including English, German and Russian. Klaipėda astonishes with its rich cultural life. And is the host for international events like the “Baltic Tall Ship Races“, “International Castle Jazz Festival”.

Klaipėda city also has one of the most active regional youth organizations’ council. And it is wonderful to see how young people are encouraged and are taking action to be a big part of the city’s life.

Amongst all the other activities which are planned for upcoming year of 2021, Klaipėda is going to host European Youth Forum’s General Assembly in the autumn of 2020. So you can start reading more about their initiatives ( and start preparing yourselves for a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Lithuania!