An EU budget in support of efficient youth policies
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-09-21

In his speech on the state of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker expressed the European Commission’s commitment to a continued fight against youth unemployment. A key means of achieving this is by implementing the Youth Employment Initiative, which will be boosted with an additional € 1 Billion, as foreseen by the mid-term review of the EU budget. The Youth Intergroup…

European Youth Forum face to face consultation in Brussels
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-09-21

September 3rd European Youth Forum organized a face to face consultation to discuss the work plan that is currently in a process of preparation and will define priority areas for the upcoming few years of the YFJ work. LiJOT participated in a meeting where representatives of the organizations analysed, discussed and suggested amendments for the work plan that will be adopted in Nove…

European Youth Forum academy in Paris
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-07-13

June 28th- July 1st in Paris was happening European Youth Forum academy. The academy had the theme “empowering, mobilizing and connecting young people” and brought together more than 50 young people from across the whole Europe. LiJOT coordinator of international affairs Rita also participated in the event.

LiJOT submitted shadow report for UN
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-05-10

April 30th LiJOT Coordinator of international affairs Rita Jonušaitė was in Brussels were participated in the meeting of the European Youth Forum Expert Group on Youth Rights. The focus of the meeting was shadow reports submitted by LiJOT and Moldovan Youth Council together with European Youth Forum on the state of youth rights in respective countries. Both reports were pres…

European Youth Forum Comem 2016 Spring
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-04-26

April 14th-17th in Brussels was happening European Youth Forum (YFJ) COMEM. During the time of the COMEM annual report of YFJ was presented by the president Johanna Nyman that was followed by the report of the chair of the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth and financial results and accounts presentation by board and secretariat.

Forum network on migration and human rights in Vienna
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-03-14

Meeting of the European Youth February 19th-20th LiJOT coordinator of international affairs was participating in a breakthrough meeting on the new Migration and Human Rights Network of the European Youth Forum. The meeting co-hosted by Austrian National Youth Council was attended by 11 Youth Forum member organizations which identified some of the key recommendations from the Resolut…

Meeting of the Council of Europe's Advisory Council on Youth in Strasbourg
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-02-08

January 27-29th LiJOT representative Karolis Žemaitis was participating in the introductory meeting of New Members of the Council of Europe's Advisory Council on Youth in Strasbourg, France. In 2015 in European Youth Forum General Assembly Karolis as LiJOT representative was elected as one of the delegates who from this year start their two years long term in Council of Europe's Ad…

Information tour in Germany
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-01-05

LiJOT coordinator of international affairs Rita Jonušaitė November 8th -14th was participating in information tour about work with young people at the invitation of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. During the tour participants visited bureaus of youth organizations and organizations working with youth in Bonn, Koln and Berlin. There was presented how youth policy in G…

LiJOT participated in YFJ‘s COMEM in Madrid
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-01-05

November 27th -28th LiJOT representatives together with other delegates of youth organization s from all across the Europe were participating in European Youth Forum‘s (YFJ) Council of Member/Extraordinary General Assembly. There member organizations had a chance to have a discussion on the most relevant issues, express their opinion on organizational issues etc. Together with…

European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2015
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-01-05

LiJOT coordinator of international affairs Rita Jonušaitė October 19th-20th was participating in European Education, Training and Youth Forum 2015 “ New Priorities for European Cooperation in Education, Training and Youth" organized by European Commission in Brussels. This year‘s forum took place against the background of the planned adoption in 2015 of Joint Cou…