Discussion about "Double Democracy" in Copenhagen
Category: NewsPublished on 2016-01-05

LiJOT coordinator of international affairs Rita Jonušaitė October 21st-22nd was in Copenhagen participating in the conference about the challenges of the “Double Democracy” in the Nordic countries organzied by the Danish Youth Council. Challenges of the so called “Double Democracy“ can be grouped as the ones related to formal democracy (“Big Dem…

A conference in Estonia about various forms of youth participation
Category: NewsPublished on 2015-09-22

On the 10th-12th of September LiJOT coordinator of International affairs Rita Jonušaitė was in Estonia where she was participating in a conference organized by Estonian National Youth Council about various forms of youth participation as well as in a workshop organized by European Youth Forum representatives in relation to newly launched campaign “YouthUP”.

Mantas Zakarka. Lithuanian youth organizations support an introduction of internet based voting.
Category: NewsPublished on 2015-07-28

While louder and louder talking about imposing electronic voting in Lithuania, its pluses and minuses, as more than a half of Lithuanians support this initiative, Lithuanian youth council answers to the question whether we are ready for this kind of voting possibility.

World conference on youth in Sri Lanka
Category: NewsPublished on 2015-07-28

In May LiJOT coordinator of international affairs K. Žemaitis participated in the world youth conference in Sri Lanka. The main aim of the conference was to find ways to ensure youth policy implementation within the context of United Nations beyond 2015.

"38th LiJOT Assembly "
Category: NewsPublished on 2015-04-27

On 25th-26th April in Druskininkai was a regular spring Assembly of Lithuanian youth council (LiJOT) which was attended by more than one hundred representatives of youth or youth related organizations. In 38th LiJOT Assembly were verified annual LiJOT and the Department of Youth Affairs activity reports, elected new members to LiJOT board (Elena Sinkevičiūtė), to the Department o…

Youth participation in elections or what to expect in 2016
Category: NewsPublished on 2015-03-20

According to data of the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania, in the first municipality and mayor elections round 31% of young people expressed their opinion. Youth participation in elections decreased by 6 per cents in comparison to Presidential and European Parliament elections in 2014.